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Who we are

Hi, i'm Vicki. 

At Omoiyari Therapy, we focus on empowering and accepting people with authenticity and connection. As such, I embrace my own uniqueness in being confidently and perfectly imperfect. I pride myself in being human, in all my multifaceted quirks and I strive to create an environment of acceptance where you can be your unique and wonderful self too.

The journey that led me to become a counselor is one deeply rooted in personal experience and the transformative power of genuine connection.

Having experienced days that were more often darker than light I found myself seeking support from a counsellor who met me in the darkness and helped me to find my own way out. In that sacred space, I experienced a profound sense of acceptance as I openly shared my vulnerabilities, fears, and dreams.

It was within these moments of vulnerability and genuine connection that I witnessed the incredible potential for healing and growth. The counselor, a stranger at first, became a confidant and consistent presence in my life, leading me through a journey of self-discovery. The depth of the connection we established enabled me to gain profound realisations about myself, my relationships, and the path I wanted to follow.

Inspired by my own transformative experience, I embarked on a path to become a counselor myself, yearning to offer others the same level of care, understanding, and acceptance I had received.

Photo of woman with red hair and glasses, she is smiling


Having worked in the field of mental health for over 10 years, there isn't much that could shock or stifle me. I have worked within children's residential homes, acute psychiatric hospitals and a suicide hotline. All of which brought me to the humbling realisation that everyone deserves support and a listening ear, there is no issue too big or too small, sooner or later we all need to feel heard.

As a person-centred therapist I don't work with the 'diagnosis' in the medical way of thinking but instead explore alongside my client how their difficulties impact them. Each person experiences the world and their struggles in a way that is unique to them, and as such no two people will experience it in the same way.


However, for the purposes of seeing the types of difficulties I've worked with, please see below.

Low Mood

Narcissistic Abuse

Neurodiversity (Including ADHD and Autism)

Eating Disorders


Emotional Abuse

Abandonment Issues


Family Issues

Low self-esteem


Suicidal thoughts


Borderline Personality Disorder







Gender Dysphoria

Sexual Abuse


Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

Certificate in Trauma Informed Practice

Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling

Certificate in Counselling Studies

Certificate in Counselling Skills

CPD in the following:

Carolyn Spring

Mental Health and the Body- Treating Trauma

Working with Relational Trauma- Dealing with Disorganised Attachment 

Counselling Tutor-

Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling

Attachment theory in Counselling

Practice masterclass 2- Trauma and the brain

Recognising and working with Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Understanding and managing the impact of Vicarious Trauma

Using creative writing for therapeutic purposes

Working with the Inner Child

Walk & Talk and Ecotherapy

Online Events

Relational depth in Counselling and Psychotherapy- Mick Cooper


The Polyvagal Theory

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